Interior shading

Roller blinds

Get textile innovations rolling in stylish and multifaceted ways—be it design, glare protection, blinds, or dim-out. Our roller blinds come in many colours, patterns, and textures, each based on the most appropriate production process. Operated by chain pull, with spring mechanism, or automatically.
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Vertical Blinds

Embrace the icon for blinds and glare protection—for horizontal, rising, or curved surfaces. Our vertical blinds render it child's play to control a room's colour and light—down to minute details of the textile experience. Operated with draw cord, chain pull, or automatically.
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Curtain Tracks

Treat yourself to smoothly gliding curtains—electrically powered and remotely controlled, even for very tall or heavy curtains. Our curtain tracks blend into the background, operate reliably, and are easy to install. Operated by hand, or automatically.
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Panel Curtains

You can enjoy the beauty and texture of the textile world on a wide surface and for many years—thanks to ease of cleaning. Our panel curtains come in scores of formats and designs as well as a choice of two-, three-, four- or five-track rails. Operated by hand, with draw cord, or automatically.
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Roman Blinds

Let the renaissance of Roman blinds inspire you. With their natural look & feel and an organic drop, our Roman blinds encompass a variety of fabrics, colours, and motifs—for pleasant light and a unique textile charm. Operated with draw cord, chain pull, or automatically.
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Blend strong textiles, smart technology, and simple handling. Our automation hardware and software opens up all of the control options to you—from classic wall control to convenient remote control and smart building control—including user-friendly apps for tablets and smartphones.
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