For the love of guests

Création Baumann presents the classic-elegant “Hospitality” Collection

Today, an overnight stay in a hotel entails much more than “having a bed for the night“. Quality, a comfortable ambiance, personal interaction and extensive “hospitality concepts” are in demand. Textiles play an important role as they round off a hotel’s overall concept.

Création Baumann is renowned by hotel proprietors, architects and designers for delivering outstanding functionality, a comprehensive, flame-retardant and easy care fabric range, as well as its solution orientated services. The new “Hospitality” Collection by the Swiss textile company in Langenthal offers style consistent combinations for classic, elegant hotels. The new textiles captivate with elegance and restrained colouring. “All fabrics can be combined with each other”, says Eliane Ernst, the product manager; “opening up options for diverse colour themes and interior effects”. The colour palette encompasses neutral hues such as chalk, grey linen and sand alongside mauve, rust and gold tones with broken blue and red tints for accent colouring.

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