Acoustic fabrics

Whether it is offices, concert halls or your home: textiles play a major role in sound absorption. Création Baumann offers you the world's largest selection of acoustic fabrics—for a harmonious balance of acoustics and aesthetics. Our fabrics stand the test of ISO/EN 354, ISO 11654 ad DIN EN 29053 standards and impress with an unheard-of quality in any sound range. Over 90 acoustic fabrics in more than 2000 colours convey a clear message: nowhere else but at Création Baumann will you find more or more versatile acoustic fabrics.

Facts about acoustics
  • Soundproofing for controlling acoustic sound effects
  • Reduces the reverberation time depending on weight, porosity and weaving technique
  • Tests in the reverberation chamber (frequency range 100–5,000 Hz) allow comparisons between the textiles' acoustic properties
  • Messprotokolle nach ISO 354, ISO 11654 und DIN EN 29053
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Basics of Acoustics

Transparent acoustic fabrics

Acoustics can really be this easy: transparent acoustic textiles are the right choice, anywhere where the focus is on the sound of the room as well as its lighting design.

Opaque acoustic fabrics

The qualities of these opaque acoustic fabrics are highly effective, whether they’re for use at a window or as a partitioning screen – even in the largest and most reverberant of rooms.

3 questions for...

Thomas Imhof, Acoustic Designer for our reference Brugg Cables, Brugg/Switzerland

How do you design the best possible acoustics for a room?

First you have to decide what a room is going to be used for. There are different acoustic requirements for a classroom than for a restaurant, and you don’t want a church to sound the same as a multipurpose room. The size, shape and use of a room determine the level of sound absorption that is required.

And how do you ensure a perfect result?

We have intensive discussions about the ideal properties for the surfaces of the floor, walls and ceilings, and we keep making calculations until the result is satisfactory to the owner of the building, the architects and the acoustic experts. The results in Brugg were so impressive that we did not even need to carry out the technical measurement of the reverberation time.

What do you particularly like about fabrics from Création Baumann?

Création Baumann has every new fabric tested in an echo chamber and makes the results available to the construction company. Acousticians need the data about frequency-dependent sound absorption and flow resistance in order to work out the acoustics for the room. Fabrics with no acoustic test information are very risky for the planner.

Thomas Imhof is a qualified member of the Swiss Acoustical Society SGA (

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References for acoustics

Real-life ideas and stimuli from textile space design: let us inspire you with our select acoustics references.
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